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And They’re Off! December 11, 2010

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And this week’s cards also made it out on time though for a second there I though they might not….

Sutherlin, Oregon


Alton, Illinois

Overland Park, Kansas

Millsboro, Delaware

Orange Beach, Alabama


Dickens Week! (Week 5) December 4, 2010

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I’m calling this week Dicken’s Week because I am currently Stage Manager for a production of Oliver! I did get the cards out today, on time, but am only posting now because I was at the “thee-ate-ter”.

But this week, cards went out too….

Portland, Oregon

Manassas, Virginia

Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Mountain City, Tennessee

Audubon, New Jersey

I literally squealed when the last one came up. My hometown is right next to Audubon. I know people who live there. What are the chances that off all the places in the country that would come up? 🙂

Oh and one more thing…I included a little gift in one of the cards this week. Hope it gets put to good use!


Black Friday Giving November 26, 2010

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Well I’m proud to say that despite the holiday activites, the cards for this week are done and in the mailbox. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I’m not sure but this week’s cards are headed to…

Aurora, Colorado

Joshua Tree, California

Emmetsburg, Iowa

Los Gatos, California

Columbia City, Indiana


We have also recieved our first feedback from Philadelphia, PA. Check out the “Stories’ tab.


Harry Potter Week Cards! November 18, 2010

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Ok, ok, so the title is a little misleading…I didn’t make any cards with Harry Potter on them but it IS Harry Potter week and I AM going to to the midnight showing. 🙂

But this week’s cards are in the mailbox headed to…

1. Philadelphia, PA (by special request, how I miss it there)

2. Cottonwood, Arizona

3. Winter Haven, Florida

4. Madison, Wisconsin


5. Dallas, Texas


And They’re Off! November 12, 2010

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This week’s cards are officially on their way. As I was standing in the Post Office someone saw my envelopes made out of maps and asked if I was traveling….I then had to explain they were envelopes made out of maps and I received this very blank stare. Oh well.
But this week’s cards are headed to…

Alexandria, Louisiana

Crestone, Colorado

Houston, Texas

Tallahassee, Florida

Raleigh, North Carolina


First Batch is in the Mailbox! November 4, 2010

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The first five cards of this project are finished and sitting in my mailbox for the mailman tomorrow. Where are they headed?

Eighty Eight, KY
Cincinnati, OH
Needham, MA
Saint Louis, MO
Saint Albans, NY

Pictures of the cards can be seen on Flickr.


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